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Deionte from Texas



from Texas

Deionte likes to sit in his favorite bean bag chair and feel the breeze or a fan on his face. He also enjoys being around other people. Deionte's favorite toys are his stuffed animals. He laughs and enjoys having his head massaged. Deionte is medically fragile and diagnosed with several medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and restrictive lung mechanisms. He is non-verbal and unable to be mobile. Deionte communicates by yelling, as he does not have typical language skills. His least favorite activity is bath time. Deionte is waiting for his forever family who will love him throughout his medical battles.

Deionte requires a family that is able to provide constant care and supervision in order to meet all of his medical needs. He will need pervasive support and total dependence on others into adulthood. Deionte needs a loving family that will care for him throughout his medical battles.