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Demarcus from Texas



from Texas

Demarcus is a spunky little boy who enjoys being outdoors and playing with his friends. He loves to paint and draw. He enjoys listens to music. Demarcus tends to engage well in conversations with his peers, but he can be bashful when talking with adults. He will open up as he gets to know you. Demarcus has a sweet heart and when comfortable, he easily establishes close connections with peers and adults. At times, he requires simplified instructions; through support, patience, and structure, Demarcus continues to enhance his abilities to progress in areas he finds challenging. He is a fun loving boy who loves attention. While Demarcus is an adaptable child who interacts in numerous social settings, he loves individual time and responds best in smaller social environments.

Demarcus will blossom well in a patient, nurturing, and structured forever home. He will need a family who is encouraging and will help him work through various activities. Demarcus will benefit from a family who will give him individual attention. Demarcus' family will advocate for resources which are beneficial to his best interest and needs.