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Destiny from Texas



from Texas

Say hello to Destiny! Destiny is an active, loving teenager. She enjoys spending time with her friends, shopping, playing sports, and relaxing at home. Destiny enjoys being active in FFA and hopes to become a firefighter when she grows up. She loves to play sports through school and enjoys being involved in extra-curricular activities. Destiny has an outgoing and talkative personality once she gets to know you. She makes friends easily and likes to shop at the local boutiques with friends. Destiny is laid back and easy to get along with. She enjoys music and movies as well. Destiny makes good grades in school, and she benefits from a structured setting. Destiny wants to spend time doing all the things that interest her and has a strong desire to grow and learn!

Destiny's perfect family will help her discover more about herself in a safe environment while also encouraging her to experience and make mistakes on her own. Her forever family will understand her desires to maintain connections with appropriate biological family members and support her in doing so. Destiny hopes for a family who will love her unconditionally!

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