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Devante from Texas



from Texas

Devante is a bright-eyed, articulate, and charming boy with a sweet smile. He enjoys being active in sports, including basketball, baseball, and soccer. He also likes watching television, playing on the computer, and videogames. Reading, science, and math are among his favorite subjects in school. Devante is constantly striving to improve his math skills and benefits from reminders about remaining on task in the classroom. He has difficulty at times with his temper, however, he is easily re-directed. Devante benefits from frequent reminders to complete activities of daily living. He likes to earn an allowance for completing household chores but knows how to ask for help when he needs it. He participates in supportive services to improve his skills in managing his behavior. Devante has a good memory and is able to discuss the various coping skills he has learned. Devante is very open to adoption and eagerly waiting to be placed with a forever family of his very own. Visit me at:

Devante will benefit from a warm, loving, patient, and structured family. He will do well with a family who likes to stay active. Devante will also benefit from a two parent household but will also do great in a male parent household.

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