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Devyn from Texas



from Texas

Devyn is shy when meeting new people. She becomes talkative and shows her funny side once she gets to know you. Devyn is a self-proclaimed jokester and uses laughter and jokes to help her get through the day. Devyn has a persuasive streak and will try to get her way any time she has the chance. Devyn is a natural artist and loves to draw and paint. She also has a love for animals and spends her free time tending to horses. Devyn can be happy one minute and sad the next. Her overall demeanor is that of a vibrant and carefree child.

Diamond, Debra, and Devyn are talented and gifted children who will make a great family even greater. They are very bonded to each other and hope they can find a family that will allow them to stay together. They are all very motivated to do well in life and thrive having each other's support. Diamond is very mature and ensures her sisters are protected and taken care of. Debra is the most outgoing of the three and is always the spokesperson for the group. Devyn is the most reserved and trusts her big sisters to help her make decisions. Together they possess unique gifts for any family that chooses them. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Devyn's family will help her discover what it feels like to have a family who loves her and truly wants what is best for her. She tends to be shy about painting so her family will need to be her biggest cheerleader. Devyn's family will offer her structure and guidance and steer her to make good decisions. Devyn's family will be understanding of stumbling blocks and help her overcome them. Devyn needs a family who will celebrate her on good days and be there for her on her bad days. Devyn's family will allow her to be herself and always remind her that she is special.