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Diamond from Texas



from Texas

Diamond is shy and quiet. Her reserved personality includes her enjoyment of museums, shopping, manicures, and formal dance classes. Diamond is respectful and kind. Although she is older than her brother, he tends to be the leader and will sometimes make decisions for her. Since Diamond is more quiet-natured, she doesn't seem to mind when Joseph takes the lead. Creativity with order is something that appeals to Diamond. She prefers to play with toys that are designed for younger children and will sometimes take on the demeanor of a younger child to gain attention. Following peers is a challenge for her. This is especially true when she is around younger children and she feels she has to compete for attention. During these times, she will often act out, but she is easily redirected. She is usually remorseful and bashful about her behavior and becomes a shrinking violet when confronted. Diamond requires additional assistance with her educational goals. She is a lovely child who is waiting to be showered with love and rooted in encouragement so she can grow and blossom. Diamond is ready for her forever family.

Diamond and Joseph are sweet children with a lot of love. They are kind to others and very respectful. The children currently live apart, but can't wait to be in their forever home together. During visits, Diamond and Joseph get along well. They rarely argue with each other or have power struggles. They mesh together and each one takes and accepts their role in the relationship. Diamond is shy and quiet. She enjoys museums, shopping, manicures, and formal dance classes. Joseph has a more dominant personality and likes a little color in his life. He is smart and likes to let you know just how smart he is! Overall, Diamond and Joseph each have typical challenges and need help in moving forward in their lives. They need to know they have a positive future and can do anything they set their minds to do. Diamond and Joseph are wonderful and unique children waiting for life's storm to cease and the sun to come out in the form of a family.

Diamond needs a family who will support her relationship with her brother, Joseph, and adopt them together. Her family will be willing to help her work through feelings of loss and sadness. She needs a loving, patient, supportive family who enjoys family outings and religious or organized community group activities. The family will also empower Diamond to speak up for herself. Her parents will nurture her conservative and mild mannered personality, while helping her to develop her voice. Her parents will work with her on being more assertive. She will do well with positive role models and constant encouragement in her new family.