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Dilliah from Texas



from Texas

Meet Dilliah; a true sweetheart who is full of smiles and kindness. She loves colorful sneakers and watching cartoons. Dilliah is medically fragile and diagnosed with Pierre Robin sequence. She is mobile and currently utilizes a g-tube for feeding. She would love to be able to eat a cheeseburger with all the fixings. Dilliah also has respiratory problems at times. Although she is verbal, she struggles with articulation and pronunciation. Dilliah derives a lot of pleasure from being outdoors. The sounds, smells, and feeling of outside have a calming effect on her. She loves to explore her surroundings. Dilliah has proven she is resilient and has been called "a real trooper." She will bring great joy to her forever family.

Dilliah will do well with a family that has medical knowledge or is willing to learn how to meet her needs. It would be great for her to join a family with one parent who has a flexible schedule. Access to medical facilities is also important. Dilliah will do well in a family where she is either the only child or one of two children. She is able to go on outings, as long her respiratory issues are not aggravated. Dilliah requires a special van for transportation. The only medical equipment that has to travel with her is the g-tube. A local family is preferred, so she will have a continuation of medical care.

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