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Donald from Texas



from Texas

Donald is a healthy youth who is easily engaged. He can be respectful with adults and is comfortable engaging in conversations with others. Donald enjoys being around other people and playing team sports. He enjoys just about every sport but especially loves football and basketball. As others his age, Donald also likes playing video or computer games, watching movies, and talking on the phone. Donald has worked hard to learn coping skills when he is upset or sad. He is focused on continuing his good behavior and is sincere in his approach to life. He has hopes and dreams and would like to attend college.

Donald longs for a family with or without siblings. He is aware that he would do well with older siblings who could be a positive influence on him. He is eager to live in a home and have a family who loves to do activities and stay busy. Donald will do well in a two parent home, with experience with teenagers. Donald needs a strong male role model. He does well when he respects those in charge. He needs parents with a lot of patience and who will not raise their voice to him. He responds best to praise and being given choices.