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Draylon from Texas



from Texas

Draylon is a very friendly, and energetic little boy. He is very witty most of the time and gets good grades at school. Draylon is passionate about writing stories and reading them to anyone who will listen. Draylon is very loving and knows how to put the charm on! He enjoys playing on the playground and riding his bike. His favorite restaurants are Chuck E Cheese and McDonald's. He is a great dancer, artist, and loves to sing at church. His favorite subject is English. Draylon can be shy when he first meets you, but once he warms up, he will talk as long as you want to listen. He is very independent and will spend hours writing. Draylon is looking forward to finding his forever home.

Derrick and Draylon are very close brothers who are looking for a loving family to raise them. Family and love is very important to both of them. Derrick and Draylon share a very close connection with one another, almost as if they are twins. They like to sing, dance, and enjoy entertaining together. The boys like to take care of and dote on each other. Derrick and Draylon are shy when you first meet them, but they warm up quickly. The pair is very animated and talkative when together. They each have their own personality. The brothers like to be independent as much as they like to be together. Of course, their favorite places to eat are McDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese. Derrick and Draylon like to race around and see who can win the most tickets. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Draylon's forever family will be positive, active, and participates in community activities. He will benefit from a family who is understanding, encouraging, and supportive as he transitions into his new life. His forever family will be patient, kind, and committed as well as have knowledge of trauma-informed interventions. He will benefit from a family who is willing to spend individual time with him. His forever family will provide positive reinforcement and redirection in a structured home environment.

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