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Drelyn from Texas



from Texas

Drelyn is full of energy and wonder. He is an active child who is learning to manage his behaviors and loves to have his own way! Drelyn loves to do things a typical boy would like to do. He craves attention and enjoys being helpful. He likes to play with other children his age and he typically interacts with them very well with no issues at all. Drelyn loves music and loves to dance. Due to his short attention span, he does not stay interested on one particular thing for very long. Drelyn enjoys playing outside, but does not do well in structured sports. He enjoys watching Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies. Drelyn's strength is that he is very lovable when he feels safe and receives love back. He is thoughtful and protective towards his foster mom and anyone he has grown attached to. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Drelyn will do well with a family who provides patience and consistency, while also setting boundaries and sticking to a schedule. His family will provide Drelyn a safe place to express himself and continue to help him reach his goals. The family for Drelyn will be able to spend a lot of individual time with him and be willing to access the resources he needs. Drelyn does pretty well with other children in the home and responds best to a predictable and structured environment. Drelyn has shown progress over time and needs a family who will advocate for him while providing him with new challenges to encourage his progress.

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