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Dustin from Texas



from Texas

Dustin is a kind, athletic youth with a fun sense of humor. He likes to make people laugh. He is proud of being a great football player and played on his former high school football team. Dustin also likes playing basketball and baseball. He loves working on cars and would love to get back into riding dirt bikes. Dustin has a wealth of knowledge about cars and enjoys conversations about anything car related. When he is not participating in one of his many outdoor hobbies, he relaxes by playing video games and watching sports. He is a big fan of the video game Dragon Ball. Dustin has his sights set on attending college after he graduates high school. Ultimately, he hopes to become a mechanic in the Marines after college. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Dustin's forever family will be understanding and encouraging. He will thrive in a family who is nurturing and consistent, while also being flexible with him. Dustin will do great with a family who can laugh with him and share his love of sports and cars. He is open to having both older and younger siblings. Dustin's forever family will be supportive of the important relatives Dustin wishes to maintain contact with.

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