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Eddie from Texas



from Texas

Eddie is a very social, caring, and funny teenage boy. He has an interest in superheroes, with Marvel being his favorite characters. He enjoys listening to music, singing out loud, and dancing. While in school, he often participates in extracurricular activities such as karate, football, and tumbling. He has mentioned he would like to join more activities to remain involved. Eddie also likes to watch television and his favorite shows are anime or anything related to cartoons. He does well with his routine hygiene, showering, getting dressed, getting up for school, brushing his teeth, and doing his hair in the morning. He enjoys going to school and makes good grades. He has a good relationship with his immediate younger sister, Rayne, and wants to be adopted with her.

Eddie and Rayne display a close sibling relationship and tends to be a very close-knit unit. While spending time together, they often finish each other sentences while laughing uncontrollably at random jokes. Both are incredibly protective of one another and oddly gives the exact answers to questions. Eddie is older, but Rayne often offers advice to her brother from a mature mindset. The relationship between Eddie and Rayne is stable and doesn't display any sibling rivalry. They always help each other complete tasks. Both are courteous with others and tend to encourage one another to do great things. Eddie and Rayne demonstrate a healthy relationship that is described as best friends. Both Eddie and Rayne will enjoy a forever family that displays unconditional love and laughter in the most needed moments.

Eddie's forever family will provide him a loving, understanding, and supportive home environment. A two-parent household would be best so he can benefit from a well structured daily routine. Eddie's forever family will be strong parental role models who will offer him guidance as he grows to adulthood. It would be preferable if the family had no animals in the home. His family will have a strong support system and be aware of resources available to them to ensure a smooth transition and continuing care. Eddie's family will show him unconditional love and laughter, be accepting of him, and support him when he needs it most.

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