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Edwin from Texas



from Texas

Edwin is a very active child who enjoys all types of games. He is a very caring and nurturing little boy who will benefit from someone who will take time to encourage him. Edwin is extremely playful at times and needs someone to create a stable environment with him. He is a typical child who wants to be able to express his wants and needs. Edwin likes to burn his energy playing outside with his friends and socializing with them. He loves to attend field trips and learn new things. Edwin can be very funny and inquisitive at times. He has a great personality. His favorite food is pizza.

Edwin will benefit from a family that will provide him with a stable home environment. He would like to have a family that cares deeply and provides him with love. He wants to find a forever family that is committed to him. A family that is understanding about his needs and shows him unconditional love is ideal. Edwin's family must be consistent and dedicated to his development and progress.