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Eian from Texas



from Texas

Eian is a very bold and daring boy. He is working on respecting others and gets better with this daily. He likes playing video games and computer games. He enjoys playing outside with his classmates and friends. Eian loves having one on one attention and is very soft spoken and shy when you first meet him. He is very active and likes being involved in more than one activity. Like other children, Eian will get upset when things do not go as he would like. During these times he needs redirection. He continues to learn how to control his words when upset. Eian enjoys various sports including; basketball, baseball, football, and martial arts.

Eian will benefit greatly from a home that is caring and understanding. He will thrive with a family who provides consistent structure and boundaries, as well as love and affection. Eian needs a family who is able to deal with and understand his needs. His family will ensure that he receives any supportive services to help him adjust to his new adoptive home.

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