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Elijah from Texas



from Texas

Elijah is a youth with varied interests. He enjoys playing with his tablet, sports, such as basketball and football, drawing, coloring, and writing. He loves attention. Elijah likes to travel and go on vacations. He enjoys cooking, swimming, and listening to music. Elijah does well academically. At times struggles with maintaining focus on his school work. Elijah can have changes in mood and over react if things do not go as he has envisioned. He has developed some skills for coping when he is upset. He uses drawing, listening to music, or coloring to change his mood. Elijah's strength is when he puts his mind to something, he can be a good reader and writer. He is very artistic and enjoys drawing pictures for others. Elijah can be very kind and loving.

Elijah will do well in a two parent home with strong, positive father. He does well with younger children or children his age. His parents need to be very patient, structured, and maintain positive reinforcement. Elijah needs parents who are loving and nurturing, but also consistent with redirection when needed. He would like a family who is nice, kind, outgoing, one who likes the outdoors, and is very active. Elijah needs a family who will keep him busy and encourage him to participate in several activities.