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Elijah from Texas



from Texas

Elijah is very energetic and loves to play. He likes basketball, football, and tennis. His favorite activities are puzzles, word cross, and video games. Elijah's passion is reading and he also loves to write stories. He is not a picky eater and likes to eat out at places such as a Chinese buffet and Golden Corral. He's very giving and has no problem with sharing. Elijah does well in school and likes science, math, and the computer lab. He does well with taking direction from authority figures, but does require redirection at times. Elijah says if he were granted three wishes he would like to have infinite pineapple pizza, be with his siblings, and have infinite root beer.

Elijah would benefit best from a family that will be able to provide a structured household but have patience as he adjusts to being a part of a new family. He is best suited for a two parent household.