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Elva from Texas



from Texas

Elva is a sweet and loving teen with a huge heart. She cares about others and often worries about her future and her siblings, who are not part of this adoption. Elva is cautious about who she trusts, but once she opens up, she is quick to fall in love with people. She may have some difficulty trying new things and adventures, but she enjoys them once she overcomes her shyness. Elva has a charming, endearing, and incredibly bubbly, positive attitude. She likes to make others feel welcome and included. She loves to feel as though she is included as well and thrives when she feels she is part of something. Elva enjoys watching television and listening to music. She also likes to write and draw as a form of self-expression during her down time.

Elva is ready for her forever family. She is looking for a family where she feels loved, secure, and accepted. Elva will do well with a patient loving family that is willing to share a common interest. A fun-loving family that likes to go to church is ideal. Elva will also do well in a structured environment that allows her to grow and develop her own interests and hobbies.