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Emily from Texas



from Texas

Emily is a very friendly teenager who likes listening to music and painting her fingernails. She loves making new friends and writing in her journals. Emily enjoys watching television, especially with her friends from school. She is learning ways to manage her behaviors. Emily sometimes needs reassurance from her caregivers to boost her self-esteem. Emily has reported wanting to be a veterinarian when she grows up because she loves taking care of animals. She is very talkative. Emily likes to put on make-up and get dressed up. Emily reports wanting to be an only child in the home and would do well on a structured and predictable schedule.

Emily will do best with a single mother or a home with two mothers who will provide her with a stable and caring environment. She would benefit from a home where she is the only child. Emily needs a family who is able to provide her with firm structure and guidelines while motivating her to do well. Emily's family will have the patience and exhibit appropriate boundaries for her while displaying unconditional love and affection.

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