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Eric from Texas



from Texas

Eric is a reserved child when you first meet him; however, he quickly builds rapport and becomes more talkative. He has a love for all things related to sports. He enjoys playing basketball with his caregivers, but soccer is one of his favorite sports. Eric enjoys attending sporting events as well. He also loves doing origami. Eric is well-mannered most of the time and can be very helpful towards his peers. He is self-motivated and encouraging. Eric is calm and quiet, whether he is happy or sad. He has a low frustration level and needs assistance with learning better ways to handle his feelings, especially when dealing with his peers. Eric works hard at completing tasks that are assigned to him without complaining.

Eric desires to be adopted by a two parent family, but he really desires to be adopted by someone who will be patient with him and love him unconditionally. He will do best with a family that is actively involved with sports or is willing to take him to sporting events. Eric will flourish as the only child or in a home with older children.

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