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Eric from Texas



from Texas

Eric is a huge music fanatic and athletic. He likes to participate in school sports, like football or basketball. Eric knows how to set a goal, stick to it, and work towards it; though, at times, he may be impatient to achieve his goal. Eric enjoys spending time with his friends, and going to the movies. He also enjoys playing video games. Eric receives some additional support in school. He is motivated to attend college and wants to be involved in the music industry. Eric would love to be adopted into a family who will provide him with plenty of love and support. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Eric will fit in perfectly to a family where he can become a role model to his younger siblings. Eric is full of energy and is an active child. He would love his forever home to be interested in being fit and active, but also indulging in fast food occasionally. Eric's family will be patient and compassionate. Most of all, Eric's family will provide the love and support he deserves to be successful.