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Eric from Texas



from Texas

Eric is a cheerful child who is very active. He shines most when he is in his elements by being outside and playing sports. Eric calms his mind while fishing and achieves his highest serenity. He also loves being active to keep him busy. His favorite sports include swimming and soccer. Eric enjoys playing with action figures and Pokemon cards. He also enjoys listening to music and eating crawfish. Eric is a child who thrives from hands-on learning. He is likes to participate in activities that are of interest to him. When he is doing something he likes he can focus and stay on task. With a lot of attention and support, Eric will achieve many things!

Eric will thrive in a family who provides a consistent routine. His forever family will be patient and supportive. Eric would like a two-parent household and he would prefer to live in Texas or Oklahoma, because those areas are familiar to him. His wish is for his forever family to have siblings and a pet. He would like an active family who loves sports and outdoor activities as much as he does.

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