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Erica from Texas



from Texas

Erica has a positive outlook on life and demonstrates a great deal of resilience. She uses humor and laughter to maintain her optimistic perspective. She is a very social child, but at times can have a slow to warm personality. Erica makes friends easily and is a positive role model to others around her. She has dreams of attending college and enjoys being outside and active. Erica is working to enhance her confidence through developing her personal identity. She enjoys learning new things in school, and benefits from additional support to ensure her success. Erica is eagerly waiting her forever family who enjoys music, art, and engaging in exploration activities as much as she does.

Erica and Christina share a very close connection to each other and do best when they are engaging in activities together. Erica tends to serve as a role model to Christina, and Christina looks for guidance and encouragement from Erica. Both sisters enjoys being outside playing with animals and being artistic. Erica and Christina enjoy laughing and finding humor in things going on around them. They are active children who have silly personalities, especially when they are together. These sisters will benefit from having space to develop their own personalities and interests, while staying connected to each other as they have their own strengths and needs.

Erica desires a family who will offer her support and guidance as she develops her personal identity and works towards her future goals. She will benefit from a family who values connection and is patient in building a trusting relationship with her. Erica is most successful with her caregivers communicate rules and expectations in nurturing manner while leaving areas for her to demonstrate her own voice and choice. She will do best with a smaller family who can provide her with individual attention and assist her in her academics.

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