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Esteban from Texas



from Texas

Esteban is a very lovable child who cares for others. Esteban can be quite helpful, loving, and affectionate. He likes to play on the playground, ride his bike, play with Legos, work puzzles on the floor, and color. He likes to help out around his cottage with sweeping and raking leaves. Esteban also enjoys helping with chores inside of the cottages, such as keeping his room clean and emptying the trash. Esteban interacts appropriately with his peers, caregivers, and classmates. Esteban especially enjoys an annual beach trip that he has participated in for the past four years. Esteban has a seizure disorder, and recently had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator inserted, which seems to be beneficial in lessening the frequency and severity of his seizures. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Esteban's family will provide him with a great deal of patience, consistency, structure, and supervision. He would ideally have a two-parent family, with a strong support system. His family will be knowledgeable and have experience, or be willing to learn about children with autism.

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