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Estela from Texas



from Texas

Estela has the personality, talent, smarts, and individuality to capture people's hearts. She is creative and enjoys drawing and reading. Estela is a very thoughtful person and feels life deeply. She can be quiet until you get to know her. She has a very nurturing personality and is a strong advocate for others. Estela does very well with other children. She loves animals and has a strong desire to have pets. Estela is wise and mature beyond her years, and being playful and imaginative like a young child does not come to her as naturally. Estela enjoys school and maintains good grades. She plays the flute in the band. She is a serious reader, artist, and music lover. Estela thrives in consistency. Therefore, change can be difficult for her initially. However, with guidance and encouragement, she tends to overcome. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Estela is aware of her situation and desires to be adopted. Her forever family will make sure she feels secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. These three things are extremely important and her family must be able to demonstrate them. Estela needs a family who is consistent and structured. They will understand her creative drive and offer positive reinforcement. She responds best to a predictable and structured environment. Estela's family will help her explore her gifts and talents and excel to her full potential. Most of all, her family will understand her insecurities and assist her to overcome them. Then, they will celebrate the milestones and use every day as a stepping stone. The family for Estela will be able to spend some one-on-one time with her and be willing to access the resources she needs.

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