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Eva from Texas



from Texas

Eva is an adorable and resilient young girl. Initially, she can appear unsure or timid; however, Eva is a very playful child who enjoys acting like the boss of the home. It can take Eva a while to warm up to a stranger, but once she is comfortable she is a very loving and loveable child. Eva exudes spirit at all times of the day and is highly energetic. She has a very close connection with her sister, Angel, and wants to be around her sister constantly. Eva gets along with and plays well with other children her age. She enjoys playing games, playing with animals, and watching movies.

Eva and Angel are very close sisters who look forward to being adopted together by a loving and supportive family. Eva seeks comfort and protection from Angel when they are together. Both girls are playful with each other. Angel clearly understands all of Eva's needs and is able to understand and hold conversations with her. Eva can be difficult to understand when speaking, but because of their close connection, Angel is able to understand Eva easily. The sisters have a typical sibling relationship. For instance, like many teenagers, Angel does not always want Eva's company and can become annoyed. Eva continues to pick at Angel for fun. In their free time, Eva and Angel play dolls together and Angel teases Eva to make her laugh. Eva is happiest when she is in the company of Angel. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Eva would like a family with two parents who are loving and supportive. She will do well with other children in the home. Eva will thrive in a family who is active and inclusive. Her family will keep her and her sister, Angel, together.

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