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Evan from Texas



from Texas

Evan is a very kindhearted and loving youth who wants to make sure everyone is happy. He quickly connects with adults and other children. He loves all animals. He loves helping around the house-being involved with working on projects and he wants to work in construction when he grows up, so he can build things. He has his own tool belt and tools for when he find things to try to fix around the house. Evan is extremely intelligent in school. He enjoys reading and his favorite subject is math. Evan has a highly active imagination and an adorable smile. He enjoys video games, especially Fortnite. He also enjoys swimming, riding bikes or engaging in any outdoor activities. He shared he would like to try martial arts "like Taekwondo." Evan will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Evan's forever family will provide structure and consistency. His family will also be nurturing, and patient. Evan will do best in a family with children close to his age or older. He is very active and will thrive in an active family. His forever family will love and support him unconditionally, and he can do the same in return.

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