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Evan from Texas



from Texas

Evan is the youngest of sibling. Evan is a social and very talkative child. He likes to play with toys and watch several different cartoons. His favorite movie right now is Toy Story and his favorite characters are Buzz Lightyear and Woody. For fun, Evan likes to swim and play outside. Evan likes to ride his bike and likes to ride close to his home. When in school he enjoys going and usually likes his teachers. Evan is a happy child and enjoys hanging out with his sister and his caregivers. Evan has a closer relationship with sister than his older siblings. Evan enjoys drawing all kinds of things. Evan wishes to have lots of candy one day. He will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Evan gets along well with his sister, Saphira. He is he youngest of his sibling group. Evan is close to his sister Saphira. They have positive interactions despite the age difference. Saphira is patient with her little brother. They enjoy hanging out with each other even if it's just to watch tv. They play together with Evan's toys too. He enjoys Toy Story and his favorite character is Buzz Lightyear. Evan is a talker and loves to display his toys in his bedroom. He is a social child and enjoys talking about all of his toys. Saphira likes to shop and do girly things when she can. Evan and Saphira like to be silly together and Saphira opens up to her true self when they are together and they are both very happy when together.

A single or two parent family who will be understanding of their past life experiences will be ideal. Evan's forever family will be nurturing and patient parents. His forever family will be supportive and loving.

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