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Evelyn from Texas



from Texas

Evelyn is a happy and active youth. She enjoys playing on her tablet, watching cartoons, and coloring. Evelyn does not have a shy personality. She is friendly, caring, and helpful with adults, peers, other children, and animals. Evelyn looks forward to joining a home where there are other children and animals to play with. She enjoys attending school and is well-behaved. Evelyn is a little "diva" who loves wearing pretty clothing, shoes, and having her hair styled. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Evelyn also enjoys playing at the park, going shopping, and dancing. She will warm your heart with her smile and contagious laughter! Evelyn is a delightful child who will make a a great addition to a caring and loving forever family.

Evelyn will benefit from a family who is able to focus on her educational and developmental needs, both in the home and at school. She participates in physical therapy and speech therapy two times per week, and her family will need to continue to access supportive services for her. Evelyn will do well in a home with a couple or single parent. Her family will provide support and care for Evelyn's needs.

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