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Faith from Texas



from Texas

Faith is a smart and creative young girl. She loves school and actually enjoys doing her homework! She welcomes challenges that maintain her focus. Faith gets excited about drawing and creating things from paper, such as books, figures and shapes. While Faith is independent and somewhat reserved, she also loves being a big sister, playing with her two younger siblings and looking after them. She is drawn to farm animals and pets, and she likes to be outdoors and go swimming in warmer months. Faith enjoys attending church and joining in prayer. Faith is organized and she likes to have daily routines, she responds well to structure and clearly defined boundaries. One of her wishes is to be an angel; another is to be a mermaid!

Faith, Jeremiah, and Grace are a fun-loving, energetic, bright, and happy sibling group. They all enjoy being outdoors and playing together. The three children have a strong connection that is evident through their interactions. Faith loves being an older sister and tends to take the role of the protective sister very seriously. Jeremiah is the sweet and sometimes shy sibling, and Grace has the biggest and most jubilant personality of the three. Faith is reserved and happy girl. She enjoys playing with her two younger siblings. Jeremiah is an energetic boy who loves his toys and figurines. He is a happy toddler who enjoys wearing hats and is constantly gaining more independence. Grace has a happy, fun-loving, and big personality. She is a very sweet and curious girl. Faith, Jeremiah, and Grace are thriving children.

Faith deeply desires a forever family with a mother and a father for her and her siblings. She takes her role as older sister very seriously. Faith needs a home where her parents clearly communicate their role as providers and protectors, letting her just be a kid! She will flourish in a home that has structure and routine, as well as patience, love, encouragement and support when routines are disrupted. Faith will benefit from her parents giving her a "cool down period" when she is frustrated and then encouraging her to express her feelings when she is ready. Faith wants a social family with opportunities to interact with others, who will also provide ample amounts of individual attention to her. She will do well in a home that offers her learning challenges and engages her attention and focus.

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