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Frances from Texas



from Texas

Frances is very sweet, loving, and social. She enjoys singing and listening to music; this is how she spreads her contagious good attitude. Frances enjoys doing girly things such as shopping and playing dress-up. Frances does particularly well with younger children, and shows herself to be very nurturing and loving. She has days when she needs extra attention and love to help her feel secure and confident about herself and what she is able to accomplish. Frances does very well with redirection and has shown she is a very strong child. Individual attention really helps Frances, and she responds well with good communication. She is very intelligent and communicates well. Frances is very caring with others and wants to make everyone happy. She continues to be very loving and caring, no matter the situation. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Frances needs a fearless family who will go above and beyond to shower her with attention and love. Her forever family will be honest and caring. Having younger kids, no more than two siblings, would be ideal for Frances. She will do well in a home with other children, but she also does well with individual attention. Frances wants a safe home with parents who will encourage personal growth and guide her in life. Frances' forever family will provide a high level of supervision and have a daily routine. She wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. Frances wants an active family who enjoys family outings and activities together.

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