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Frank from Texas



from Texas

Frank enjoys laughing and playing baseball, basketball, or soccer with his friends. His favorite meals are chicken spaghetti and roast. Frank enjoys riding his bike playing video games and playing with robotic toys. Frank also likes listening to music, helping in the kitchen, spending time with animals, and swimming. He describes himself as funny and he enjoys being with his funny friends. Frank aspires to be a doctor one day. His favorite classes in school are math and science. Frank would like to be treated with respect by caregivers who listen and take into consideration his thoughts and feelings. He is finding productive ways to manage his feelings.

Frank would like an interactive and supportive family. A family who likes to spend time outside playing a variety of sports, and who will take him camping and fishing will be ideal. Frank's family will spend quality time with him. He would like to make crafts, play games, go shopping, and skating with you. Frank will do best in a family with patient and supportive parents, who want to work on projects together. He will thrive with siblings his age or older. Frank will need support and encouragement from his parents or older siblings towards his homework to do his best. His family will recognize his accomplishments with positive praise. Frank will benefit from a family who is supportive in managing and acknowledging his feelings. He wants a forever family who will put his needs first and talk to him when planning family activities he will enjoy.

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