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Gabriela from Texas



from Texas

Gabriela is a sharp-witted, outgoing, friendly and charismatic youth. She enjoys socializing and making new friends and is always trying to help others. Gabriela is currently attending advanced classes and is getting A's and has one B. She would like to continue to play basketball and tennis at school. Gabriela's caregiver describes her as a well-behaved and a trustworthy youth. She is open and willing to consider advice and constructive criticism from her caregiver. Gabriela is growing to be a strong individual who will refuse to give in to peer pressure. Gabriela is a fun, helpful and a loving youth who always stays positive about her future.

Gabriela desires to be adopted. She wants to be a part of a family who will love her unconditionally. She will benefit from a family who will provide support, guidance and love. Gabriela needs a family who will understand what it is to care for a teenager and provide positive reinforcements.

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