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Gabriella from Texas



from Texas

Gabriella, who prefers to be called Gabby, is sweet and quiet. She opens up around her sisters and becomes more outgoing once she gets to know someone. Gabby loves to do art, play outside, swim and participate in sports. She also loves to listen and sing along to music. Gabby has an affection for animals and has recently found a love for horses. She is very insightful and has recently started reading her Bible geared towards teens. She enjoys discussing what she has read with others and listening to their perspective. Gabby is looking forward to living with a family in a forever home. She is a big help around the house and likes to cook. Some of her favorite subjects in school are math and science. She loves eating pizza and making sandwiches.

Gabby will benefit from a family who is structured and able to provide her with guidance. She also will benefit from caregivers who are patient and supportive. Gabby gets along well with other girls her age, but will do best as a single child or in a home with one other child who is older or younger than her. Gabby will fit best in a family who has a structured life style and routines. She does best when she knows what is expected of her. Gabby will also benefit from a family with a sense of humor as she enjoys laughing. She wants a family that will allow her to keep in contact with her sisters.

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