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Gary from Texas



from Texas

Gary is a sweet, mild mannered, and well-tempered kid. He enjoys going to school. While at school he may become easily distracted and challenged to stay on task at times, however he is showing growth by responding in more positive manners when he his redirected to completing the task at hand. Gary has a sincere desire to do well in school, he continues to learn routines and rules, his letters and numbers as well as sorting and matching items. Gary loves dancing, music, and swimming, and also enjoys riding horses. Gary participates in the Special Olympics, which he enjoys. He also is very into Thomas the Train currently. Gary loves to be helpful by putting out snack for his peers.

The ideal family will be loving and patient. Gary needs parents who will work to earn his trust through stability, consistency, and caring. Gary will thrive in a two parent home. He needs a family who will provide him with a structured and active schedule. If there are other children in the home, they need to be good role models for him as he will copy others. The family needs to work with Gary on basic daily tasks such as picking out clothes to wear. Gary will thrive with consistent and loving care.

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