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Gary from Texas



from Texas

Gary is a loving and funny youth who really thrives on attention. He enjoys playing with electronics for entertainment, listening to music, watching movies, and particularly loves to watch monster truck videos. Gary also enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together; especially Legos. Gary has hot wheel cars which can keep him busy for hours! He is usually very easy going, but has recently been difficult to redirect when he feels frustrated. Gary needs guidance in keeping his hands to himself during these times. Gary learns slower than some children his age but has a pretty good memory and can hold a conversation.

The ideal family for Gary is one who is experienced in caring for children with special needs. He also needs a family that will commit to him for a lifetime. Gary will do well in a home where there is a lot of patience and a lot of love. He needs to be in a home where he can have support and understanding. Gary definitely needs someone who will love to sit down with him and play with cars and Legos!