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Genesis from Texas



from Texas

Genesis is a sweet, responsible, and outgoing girl who is eager to join her adoptive family. Genesis is full of personality, loving and affectionate. Others describe her as talkative and personable. Genesis enjoys being outdoors and participating in sports. She also loves to do her makeup and fix her hair. Genesis enjoys cooking and finding recipes to prepare new dishes. Some of her other hobbies and interests include, swimming, shopping, coloring, listening to music, and playing basketball. Athletics, english and language arts, and history are her favorite classes in school. Genesis enjoys church. The one thing that makes her laugh the most is seeing others joyful. Her three wishes are to be adopted, have a home, and live a happy life. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Genesis will love for her new family to share her interest in shopping and outdoor activities. Her family will understand that at times she may not want to talk. Genesis is most comfortable with the thought of having a mom and a dad who are outgoing, but also enjoy being at home. She prefers to be an only child and to live in the country with horses and dogs.

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