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George from Texas



from Texas

George is a charming youth who can be polite and respectful. He is a thoughtful and sensitive boy who likes to play and watch sports, draw, and listen to music. George enjoys playing basketball and football, riding his bike, video games, and playing outside. He also likes to go out to eat and go to the movies. George loves to dance, although he can be shy about dancing in front of people. George would like to play football in school and hopes to be successful with football through college and possibly the professional league. He is very athletic and looks forward to playing high school football. George is also polite and helpful, always ready to hold a door or help carry bags inside. George can use good role models and guidance, and does best when he is placed with a thoughtful adult who is caring and supportive

George will benefit best from having a caring family who will provide him with affection, kindness, and understanding. He has family with whom he would like to maintain contact. George would like a family who will allow him to remain active and play sports for teams.