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Gerardo from Texas



from Texas

Gerardo is a sweet, respectful, happy, funny, and talkative boy. He is very caring, which at times cause him automatically assume the role of the advocate or caregiver for his siblings. He is a very helpful and intelligent young boy, he likes to take care of others and advocate for them. Gerardo's biggest attribute is his big heart and he is a big believer in justice. He likes to play and joke around and feels very comfortable doing so with his siblings, as they have a very strong bond. Gerardo enjoys sports and loves basketball. He has dreams to one day become a basketball player. At times, Gerardo can be authoritative and can be easily distracted, needing to be reminded of house rules. Gerardo does not like for others to touch his personal belongings without his permission.

Meet Gerardo, Ricardo, Marcela, and Claudia! This sibling group is a fun, loving, and sweet bunch. Gerardo likes to be called Gerry, and is the talkative one of the group. He is very smart and likes to take care of others, especially his siblings. Ricardo, who likes to go by Mickey, is a bit quieter. Ricardo is very attentive and close to his siblings. Marcela and Claudia are the biggest girly-girls and are filled with so much energy. Together they love being the life of the party. Marcela enjoys playing with dolls and with children her age. Claudia is the baby of the group, and is the most energetic of the group as well. Claudia may at times need some redirection, but she responds well.

Gerardo is aware of his permanency goal of adoption and has expressed interest in being adopted even though at times it will make him nervous. He wants to feel loved, secure, and accepted. Gerardo will do well with a family who offers patience and love. His family must provide him with a structured environment while allowing him to grow and develop his own interests. Gerardo wants a family with similar culture.

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