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Gnai from Texas



from Texas

Gnai is a bright youth who, at times, is quite outgoing. Gnai has a larger than life personality. She is artistic and expressive and she loves to be creative. Gnai would love to own and operate her own animal shelter one day. She has a caring and generous heart that is waiting to be unlocked. She has a great deal of energy that with the guidance of the right family can be harnessed and redirected to create a powerful and positive outcome for Gnai and everyone she meets. Gnai has a confident personality and is able to voice her thoughts to whomever will listen. Gnai likes to eat wings, pizza and menudo. She likes to listen to music and help decorate.

Gnai needs a family who can help her through the rough moments with nurturing guidance and understanding. Her ideal family will be patient, gentle and ready to take a chance on a child who has incredible potential just waiting for the right environment. Gnai loves and lives larger than life, and she needs a family ready to take a chance, and not give up on her.

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