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Grace from Texas



from Texas

Grace is a happy, fun loving, and spirited young girl with a big personality. Always friendly, sweet and smiling, she is eager to let you know "I'm happy!" She is a curious and clever girl, she loves learning new things. Grace is an independent child, increasing her speech and reaching new milestones daily. She is a good sleeper and eater who enjoys snacking on meat, cheese, and juice. Grace's joys include playing with her baby dolls and dress-up, with dresses, shoes and jewelry. She typically has lots of energy and enjoys running around outside with her siblings. Grace adores her older siblings and is very close with them.

Faith, Jeremiah, and Grace are a fun-loving, energetic, bright, and happy sibling group. They all enjoy being outdoors and playing together. The three children have a strong connection that is evident through their interactions. Faith loves being an older sister and tends to take the role of the protective sister very seriously. Jeremiah is the sweet and sometimes shy sibling, and Grace has the biggest and most jubilant personality of the three. Faith is reserved and happy girl. She enjoys playing with her two younger siblings. Jeremiah is an energetic boy who loves his toys and figurines. He is a happy toddler who enjoys wearing hats and is constantly gaining more independence. Grace has a happy, fun-loving, and big personality. She is a very sweet and curious girl. Faith, Jeremiah, and Grace are thriving children.

Grace will thrive in a family who is emotionally supportive and provides her with a sense of safety and security. A home that has well-defined parental roles, structure, and support will continue to help her thrive. Grace is quite energetic, so her forever family should include highly active parents who are engaged in their community, neighborhood, church, and school, giving her appropriate and healthy outlets for her energy. Grace needs a family who is consistent, patient, and attentive. They will provide her with unconditional love and guidance. Her family will help her explore her gifts and social interests as she continues to learn and grow.

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