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Grayson from Texas



from Texas

Grayson is a smiley and sweet little boy. He enjoys listening to music and being around other kids his age. He loves nursery rhymes and his favorite song is "The wheels on the bus". He enjoys watching Spongebob, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies. He enjoys toys that light up and/or play music. He has excellent fine motor skills and likes stringing beads, wooden puzzles and shape sorters. He is very smart and is a quick learner. Although he has limited physical abilities and speech, he is very responsive to words and can understand things that are said to him. He is becoming very active as he is working on walking. Grayson is very easy going and is described by his caregivers as sweet, loving and funny.

Grayson's forever family will be willing to accept the unknowns. His forever family will be able to meet all of his needs. Grayson's forever family will be patient. His forever family will have experience dealing with children with medical needs.

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