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Hailey from Texas



from Texas

Hailey Silva is precious girl. She enjoys music and dancing. Hailey enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies consist of reading and writing in addition to dancing. Hailey also enjoys shopping, as most girls do. She realizes she has had a past, but she also recognizes her past does not define who she can become one day. Hailey desperately wants a forever home where she is unconditionally loved and where she can feel safe. Hailey has the potential to be a bright young lady. However, she needs the support and love to help guide her in becoming that person. Hailey stated that the two wishes she has been to go to college and to become a better person. However, when asked about her number one wish, Hailey stated that she wants a forever home one day.

Hailey's forever family will be willing to work with her and give her the support and help that she needs. Hailey's forever family that will love her unconditionally and that is patient. Hailey wants to live a normal life while being her bright self. Her forever family will be willing to help her work through not only the good but bad times as well. Hailey's forever family will be willing to take her to counseling appointments and medical reviews and play an active role. Hailey has experienced many traumas in her childhood. Hailey's forever family will understand trauma and is willing to work with her on a deep and emotional level.

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