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Hannah from Texas



from Texas

Hannah is an outgoing and observant child who loves to sing. She is spirited and thrives when given lots of love and attention. Hannah feels very close to God. She loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. Hannah is also very much a "girly-girl" who loves make-up and Justin Bieber. She also likes sports. When she grows up, Hannah wants to do something with computers or social media. She loves to swim and play with animals. Dogs are her favorite pets and she would love to have a dog of her own. Hannah loves to joke around. She has a great sense of humor and likes to be social. Her favorite food is French Fries and her least favorite is carrots. Hannah loves to give hugs and is a very sweet child. She wants to be accepted by those around her. Initially, Hannah may come off as shy and reserved, but once trust is built and she feels comfortable, she opens up and gets to know you. Hannah does well when rewarded or given individual attention. She is easily redirected when needed. Hannah does well in school. At times, she struggles with controlling her emotions. She needs constant love and positive praise. She does well if she takes a break and a minute to calm down; then she is able to rejoin the group. Hannah will thrive in a structured and stable environment. She is a very loving child once she has an opportunity to build trust and open up. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Hannah needs a strong family who will set consistent boundaries. Her family will be patient and will advocate for her. They will have ample time to give her plenty of one-on-one attention. Hannah will need a lot of redirection. She would like a Hispanic family and she would prefer to be the only child in the home. She really wants her own room, where she can have her own space. Hannah wants a loving and patient mom and dad. Due to her past, Hannah feels trust is earned and will do well in a home that is consistent and honest. She thrives in an environment where she is given the opportunity to make the right decisions. She also does well with positive reinforcement when she exhibits good behavior, especially in emotional situations. Hannah responds best if commands are given to her in a brief, calm, and non-confrontational manner. The ideal situation for Hannah would be a smaller family that will be dedicated and willing to provide her with academic support.

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