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Harley from Texas



from Texas

Harley likes to meet new people and enjoys giving hugs. He is an avid fan of sports and is very strong for his age. He would like to have a family that will foster his passion for sports and get him involved with football, baseball, or almost anything. He might be a natural at power-lifting because he is so strong. Harley also enjoys playing video games that are sports related and will readily entertain any competition as long as he is able to have his turn often enough. Harley enjoys school most of the time and his grades reflect this. Harley also enjoys playing outdoors and going on outings. He really enjoys riding his bike, but recently Harley has discovered a passion for fishing. He has had opportunities to fish in ponds and even in the gulf.

Harley's family needs to establish clear rules and boundaries. They will provide a home where Harley feels safe. A family who structures his days with activities after school and to support his school performance will be of great benefit to him. An active family who can keep Harley constructively occupied will be best. This family may also have children that can be a part of Harley's life. A family for Harley will also get him involved in sports, such as football.