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Haylee from Texas



from Texas

Haylee is sweet and caring. She can be affectionate when she is comfortable. She makes friends easily. She loves to be outside. She also loves art and drawing. She really wants to be in Girl Scouts. She struggles with daily living skills at times and will need help with those. She has struggled at times with older kids in her foster home and might do better being the oldest child in the home. She is funny and witty. She works hard at school and receives special education services. She enjoys going to church and would like to be involved in a youth group.

Haylee and Vincent have a close bond. She likes to be the typical big sister and tell Vincent what he needs to do, but Vincent likes to look after his sister and make sure she is always ok. Their time in foster care has brought them even closer with each other. Vincent loves technology and likes to help is sister when she needs help with school work. They are respectful and polite children. They enjoy outings together like going to the water park and out to eat. They are both funny and like to make each other laugh. They have a lot of love to bring to their forever family.

Haylee would like a two-parent home. She has expressed she would like her and her brother to be the only kids in the home, or at least be the oldest kids. She has also expressed she wants a family that will take her and her brother to church regularly. She would like an active family that does things together like travel and go camping. She would also like to have a pet. Her forever family will be patient with her and are willing to work with her daily on some simple tasks she struggles with. Her forever family will advocate for her to ensure her educational needs are being met.

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