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Herald from Texas



from Texas

Herald is an outgoing child with a great sense of humor. He is very energetic and full of life. Herald is upbeat and always has a generally happy disposition. He enjoys all things nature and anything that keeps him active. His favorite activities are walking, running, and swimming. Herald loves playing outside on the swing or walking around in the wave pool at the local recreation center. Herald is growing and learning things on his own level and on his own terms. He likes imitating the actions of other children while they are playing. Herald recently learned how to fill up a water bottle with water and pull his seat belt strap over his waist and shoulder. Although is non-verbal, he will sometimes say the "a, e, i, o, and u" vowel sounds. Herald is also able to follow simple requests like pick up the trash, take your shoes off, come here, and clean your room. Herald has a sense of humor that can brighten your day when you least expect. He is a loving and affectionate child and will allow you to hold him and he likes quality time and to be hugged. He also enjoys his nightly ritual of cuddling with his foster mom and being read a bedtime story. Herald interacts well with familiar adults, he does parallel play and cooperative play. He needs close supervision to ensure his safety as he sometimes fails to perceive potential harmful or dangerous situations. Herald will also need support and assistance on a regular basis at home and at school. Herald is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Herald needs a family who has a good sense of humor and a great deal of patience. It is important to have a parents who understand his potential and who are accepting of this and able to patiently care for Herald for the rest of his life. Herald will benefit from a family who will advocate for his best interests, including education, medical, social, recreation, and any services he may need. Herald will do well with a family who is physically active as he loves running outside, playing in the sand, and playing in the water.