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Heriberto from Texas



from Texas

Heriberto is a fun, active, and adventurous teenager who likes to have fun and experience new things. He is a funny youth and is always looking for a good laugh. Heriberto enjoys entertaining others with his funny sense of humor. Heriberto is also daring, spontaneous, and challenging. When Heriberto is bored, he can have some difficulty as he does better when he keeps busy. Heriberto is energetic and keeps his mind busy by being creative. Heriberto requires patient when in a new environment as he likes to explore and understand his surroundings. Additionally, like many teens his age, Heriberto sometimes needs reminders to keep up with his daily chores.

Heriberto will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency, along with supervision. He is aware of his situation and has shown an interest in being adopted. Heriberto wants to feel secure and accepted by a family. He will do well with a family that is willing to spend time with him and keep him and his mind busy. The family must also be consistent and advocate for Heriberto while providing him new challenges. The ideal family must provide him with a structured environment, while allowing him to grow and develop his own interests.

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