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Herman from Texas



from Texas

Herman is an outgoing teenager who can usually be found with a welcoming smile on his face. He is friendly, outgoing and meets people easily. Herman loves to dress nice, cares about his appearance, and loves to shop for new clothes. He enjoys listening to music and playing video games. Herman also loves to play football and basketball with his peers. He thrives with structure and stable guidance with routines at home and school. His goal is to attend college. Herman portrays himself as a tough youth but also strives to be accepted and to be a part of a family.

Herman will thrive in a home with two parents. He is best suited for an active couple who will keep him involved in extracurricular activities. The best family for him will have patience, structure, and will provide consistent discipline techniques. It is important for his family to give Herman some individual time and be able to provide him the any resources he may need. His forever family will advocate for him and give him love and attention. Herman is ready for a forever family who will commit to him for the rest of his life.