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Iona from Texas



from Texas

Iona is an inquisitive youth who strives to be compassionate and loving. She is always willing to try something new and loves being outdoors. Iona describes herself as a "lover" and a "rescuer of animals." She also enjoys reading all different kinds of books. She has a basket of books in her room and chooses a book to fit her mood at the time. Iona has an appreciation for all types of music including rock, classical, country, Tejano, "scream," and Christian. She participates in the choir at her school and takes voice and guitar lessons after school. Iona enjoys creating art with various media. She is outgoing, caring, and generally optimistic about life. Iona enjoys school and is on target in her classes. Like many youth her age, she requires reminders to stay on task.

Iona will thrive in a two parent household with or without siblings. She would prefer a family that is active, likes the outdoors, but also enjoys inside relaxation time. Iona will do well with parents who are patient and able to support her transition.