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Isabel from Texas



from Texas

Isabel is a smart and friendly girl trying to figure out her place in this world. Although she appears timid, Isabel becomes a natural social butterfly when she is around people whom she is comfortable to be around. The more comfortable she becomes; the more she opens and shares her personality with people! Isabel has a beautiful creative mind and enjoys art and music. She enjoys playing sports and is okay with outdoor activities. Recently she joined the school band and loves playing percussions. Isabel is a very respectful and well-mannered girl who gets along with her peers. She also has a helpful side. Isabel is at the age where she is starting to show interest in her fashion/style and her appearance. One of her favorite things to wear is a hoodie. She is ready to be adopted and looks forward to having a family she can share stories with and build new memories. Isabel is an affectionate person and that will bring lots of energy to her forever family.

Isabel's forever family will provide her with unconditional love, boundaries, and stick to a routine to ensure a sense of permanency for her. Isabel will do well with a family who is active, organized yet flexible, and supportive of her interests. Her forever family will find ways to keep Isabel's mind active and will help her reach her potential. Her forever family will invest in her emotionally and provide her with individualized attention. Her family will be patient and model proper family dynamics, relationships, and boundaries. Isabel will do well with a family who is active and enjoys playing sports, going on runs, or just spending time outside. Her adoptive family will be understanding that although Isabel doesn't mind going to church sometimes she isn't very religious and doesn't always want to attend. Isabel is asking for an active family so they can build memories together.

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